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Depression Therapy and Treatment for children, adolescents

When feeling down and hopeless persists for weeks on end, and the physical as well as emotional struggle seems too big to will away, a diagnosis of depression may be of consideration.  Major Depressive Disorder can include loss of interest in things that were once enjoyable, sadness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, eating or sleeping, a sense of hopelessness or even thoughts that life isn’t worth living.  This is a major medical illness and any medical doctor will tell you that the health implications are grim if not treated.


Fortunately, CBT has been proven to be an effective treatment for depression in hundreds of clinical trials.  Also good news, is that the treatment involves some common sense ideas.  Sure, “Just get moving” is sound advice, but when saying and doing become two very different things, therapy can help.  CBT for depression begins by identifying small but meaningful ways to get back up and moving again.  This has been proven to boost mood enough to begin evaluating if things really are as grim as they seem.  Learning to identify and catch negative thinking patterns helps individuals to interrupt the spiral of low moods.  By developing skills rooted in CBT, people of all ages can begin to address unhelpful thinking styles and adopt a more realistic and helpful perspective.

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