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Q: Do you take insurance? A: We are an out-of-network provider with insurance plans. Please contact your insurance company to see if you have any out-of-network benefits. Payments may also be made through your HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account). Q: How are appointments scheduled?

A: Please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page and you will contacted by phone to schedule a time that is suitable to you. You may also call 908-417-2850 to schedule an appt.

Q: Are you accepting new patients?

A: Yes, we are currently accepting new patients and can provide an appointment within 48-72 hours.

Q: Are you providing in-person appointments?

A: Yes, in-person sessions are available at 16 Pearl Street, Metuchen.

Q: How long is each session?

A: The initial evaluation session is 60 minutes and follow-up sessions are 50 minutes.

Q: How much do sessions cost?

A: The initial evaluation is $200 and follow-up sessions are $175.

Q: If the client is a child or teenager, will I be involved?

A: Parent involvement in sessions varies based on age, problem being treated, and preference of the child. This could range from being present for the entirety of the session, check-ins at the beginning or end of the session, or brief phone contacts when needed. This can be further explored during your free phone consultation.